The Group of Wonders (TGW)
is focused on the industry verticals of communication, advertising, brand experience, and technology.

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A collective of creative genius, design mastery, technology prowess, and astounding integrated event solutions providers. Setting a benchmark for the industry in strategy and execution excellence. TGW Group has grown to embrace every vertical in the marketing & communications industry to strengthen its offering and create a holistic ecosystem, developing an all-inclusive and immersive brand experience for its clients across the Middle East region. In response to the global pandemic of 2020, TGW invested heavily in eve virtual, to support the group of companies and provide virtual solutions for the event industry. As digital experiences take center stage in creating mesmerizing experiences, TGW has added events technology as a separate service to en+. Now, we are equipped with the know-how, skill, and talent to develop high-tech journeys involving multiple elements, and captivating the imagination of our audiences. With Head Quarters based in New York, the group ensures international best practices and standards across all its companies.

Our Family

entourage is a dynamic live communications agency, steeped in middle eastern culture, renowned for creating powerful human-to-human connections and brand experiences since 2009. We create synergies between multiple marketing elements, from creative to advertising, from events to experiential, from PR to digital and social media to weave stories that build resonance and forge long lasting relationships between brands and audiences built on performance. We have worked with some of the most high-profile government and private sector corporations across the globe, consistently building ourselves for bigger challenges. We are at the forefront of innovation, leading the change of the industry with agility and scalability at the crux of what we do and what we offer to our partners.


214 creative is a brand strategy and creative design agency, headquartered in New York. Our idea of a brand is one that connects with people, resonates with their emotions, and creates its own persona in competitive environments. It is about bringing out distinguishing factors that make the brand an outlier among its peers. We understand the impact of creating brands and branding and have always strived to create value for our clients. Design is integrated with the DNA of our company and we pride ourselves on being able to create bold, brave, and brilliant expressions for brands.


en+, member of TGW Live New York, is a fully integrated production house, blending creativity with efficiency. Formed with the help of veteran event professionals, en+ is the bridge between client requirements and supplier limitations in the region.

We understand what brands need, and we bring this insight in our production capabilities, reflecting the brand’s image in all the event elements, including event production, exhibition stand build-up, Audio, Visual, lights (AVL) equipment’s (more than 250 SQM of the latest LED screens, and a state of art sound and light systems) to make the event come alive.

en+ is fully committed to delivering production solutions that exceed all expectations and set a benchmark for future projects.


eve virtual launched in July 2020 as a response to market demand to facilitate the events industry and bring events to life on the virtual platform. Aggregating 15+ years of live event experience, we wanted to simulate the live event journey on the virtual event platform. Therefore, we created a 3D virtual platform that allows for interaction, engagement and living the full experience. We created 3D environments, integrated communication tools, created networking opportunities and a robust reporting system for the mutual benefit of the event organiser and the attendees, alike and all this on a completely brandable, customizable platform.

eve is equipped to host 3D virtual events, 3D virtual conferences, 3D virtual trade shows, 3D virtual exhibitions, 3D virtual music concerts and much more. eve virtual platform provides the flexibility of ready-to-use templates or environments that can be completely customized as per your requirements.


Noskhabar is an independent digital media platform providing the latest news in finance, business, arts & culture, as well as video films and direct coverage of some of the largest events across the Arab and international world.

Aspiring to be among the region’s best media websites, the highly professional Nos Khabar editorial team features some of the most well-known names from Arab world, prominent in the global journalistic fraternity.

We have offices in Dubai, Riyadh, Beirut, Cairo, Damascus, and correspondents located in all the Arab and international capitals to ensure quality, timely, and accurate dissemination of news and information.

Nos Khabar, summarizing the world for you and communicating what’s relevant– fast, condensed, and maintaining high objectivity.


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